Sunday, June 15, 2008

gesture drawing class '08, the best of

Here are what I consider my best gesture drawings for spring '08. I'm pretty pleased at the results seeing how I jumped right in with the big dogs (see my Classmates links on the right) a week after being accepted into the program.

While others who were accepted with my group were out soaking up summer vacation I got a head start [diabolical laughter here]!! MUUH HA HA HA!!

Naw, knowing my luck they'll still draw circles around me when Fall classes start.

These I consider my fashion sketches because I really accentuated the poses and clothes, which is what fashion designers do when they design new clothes. The model had tons of fun this day.


Normally I had a bit of challenge drawing jackets but before we got started Ryan found out and informed us that the jacket the model was sporting was an authentic Vietnam war jacket and to incorporate a story in our drawings.

I think with this info I paid more attention to how I was going to design the jacket on the model, and the above is what resulted. Funny how knowing little history changes your outlook and attitudes on seemingly mundane persons and/or objects.

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Jocelyn said...

Sky! You are so amazing! Your mad skillz never cease to amaze me!