Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Beginnings

So I wasn't always into animation and art, or at least I didn't know I was, until my class of beginning mechanical engineers (Me En 172 - Engineering Graphics) was assigned to create a wheel. Not only was it to meet technical standards (physical dimensions, strength, and force loads) but it had to look pretty.

No M.E. class was as fun or worth the tons of overtime I logged than this class was, which raised the first flag that maybe, just maybe my life's calling laid elsewhere.

After a couple of years of slowly wasting away my soul (not to mention scholarships and other grants) I finally took the plunge and signed up for Kelly Loosli's Intro to Animation class, and it was there that I found my life's calling.

Unfortunately, it would take another couple of years before I would be officially admitted into the Animation Program, due to months of convincing myself to start all over again (I was finished with 2 years of ME classes) and getting hitched. So, by the time I got my life back in order it was time to get serious about putting together the entrance portfolio, which I did, and also of which some of those pieces are forthcoming in a future post.

Anyway, below is the result of tons of overtime that wasn't required but worth the fun.

P.S. I won best composition by class vote, which was the last thing on my mind while creating, but it's a bonus.

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