Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Painting final

Originally I wanted to do a scene with a little boy atop of city building roof that was contemplating how easy it would be for him to end all his troubles (he's an abused orphan) by taking that final step. But, that was too complicated and depressing to spend a lot of time creating. The inspiration for this came from a Boxcar Racer song - Elevator.

Maybe down the road I'll return to this concept.

But the above piece was way fun to plan, design, and paint.


This is far from being done but I had to submit something. Actually, this isn't the final image I submitted. The final image had a background but I wasn't pleased with it. In fact I'm beginning to think that adding anymore will just weaken the emotion and isolation of "Crickey."

Anyway, enjoy.

This was an alternative pose I had for Crickey early on. I really like the narrow depth of field, makes Crickey seem really really small, with his teeny tiny perfectly crafted violin (is that possible?)