Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Break Through #1

I posted a while ago about the planetarium project I'm working for a small scene that happens on the surface of Mars and I'm proud to display our first image (albeit a test image) that made it onto the planetarium dome!

This has been a long time in the making and it still has quite a way to go, but just seeing this for the first time on the dome is exciting!

Here's an idea of what it would look like on full dome:


Here's a preview of a personal project I've been slowly working on. It'll be an entire kitchen scene with emphasis put on the lighting.

I work part-time at this group home with mentally handicapped guys, nothing out of the ordinary- cook, clean, administer medications, etc, and on my down time I've noticed their kitchen has some amazing lighting scenarios (due to large windows and skylights) so I thought I'd study it by recreating the scene.

I'd say 80% of the modeling is finished, and the image above was something I was experimenting with, and yes it isn't finished (if you haven't noticed there is no drains yet)

Anyway, this will be on the back burner while I deal with school, jobs, and pregnant wife.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Lighting Exercise

Here is the result of a lighting exercise I did while Francesco Giroldini was visiting Provo and giving training for us up and coming lighters. All I can say is the guy has made skillz.

*Model from Ty Carter's Dreamgiver which is turning out to be a gorgeous looking film. Keep an eye out for it.

Monochromatic Study

So I'm back for round two for digital painting with Sam Nielson and I'm happy with the way my first assignment turned out! This was a tough one to turn out, but after days of painting countless spheres I was able to match on digital canvas what was in my mind's eye.

So it is true- practice does make perfect.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm very excited to show a preview of what a bunch of talented guys and I have been working on during this year!

We are developing an educational film for BYU's new planetarium and we are currently working on Mars. It's a mix of fictional near-future space tourism and ongoing scientific research.

Awesome stuff!


Dr. Jeanette Lawler - Astronomy Professor Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mike Jones - Computer Science Faculty Advisor

Tabitha Bush - Astronomy Grad Student Consultant

Heather Jones - Astronomy Grad Student Consultant

Preston Cowley - CS Tech

Raphael Taveras - Principal Modeling on Rover

Jared Merrill - Principal Modeling on Space Tourist Pod (not shown) & Cleanup

Matthew Bennet - Rock modeling & procedural generation

Joseph Slinker - Dust Devil effects (not shown)

Thomas Gosney - Producer

Me - Artistic Director, Rendering & Lighting, Cleanup

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Color Scripts!

These are my very first color scripts. Ever. They're for our senior film we are currently developing at the moment. Colors. They're fun.