Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm very excited to show a preview of what a bunch of talented guys and I have been working on during this year!

We are developing an educational film for BYU's new planetarium and we are currently working on Mars. It's a mix of fictional near-future space tourism and ongoing scientific research.

Awesome stuff!


Dr. Jeanette Lawler - Astronomy Professor Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mike Jones - Computer Science Faculty Advisor

Tabitha Bush - Astronomy Grad Student Consultant

Heather Jones - Astronomy Grad Student Consultant

Preston Cowley - CS Tech

Raphael Taveras - Principal Modeling on Rover

Jared Merrill - Principal Modeling on Space Tourist Pod (not shown) & Cleanup

Matthew Bennet - Rock modeling & procedural generation

Joseph Slinker - Dust Devil effects (not shown)

Thomas Gosney - Producer

Me - Artistic Director, Rendering & Lighting, Cleanup

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