Tuesday, July 1, 2008

summer sketches

Here are some random sketches.

The guy listening was very attentive, which is a quality that is rarely paid to Sunday speakers, especially at this time because most of the guys were hunched over in their seats while their wives rubbed/scratched their back. But what caught my eye was the way he alternated the tilting of his head. People are interesting creatures

P.S. please disregard the speaker's hand, it was my failed attempt to draw a fist from memory, which goes to show my visual library isn't quite up to par yet.

P.P.S. I've finally found a sure fire way of not dozing off during church: drawing!! It's like being a kid in church all over again, except without the snacks.

As for these sketches there really are no explanations other than the fact that I grew bored at work and started to doodle things that caught my eye.

All I can say is the guy with the head phone cord and jack was inspired by graphic designs of DJs, or something like that.

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